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EDUKALIDAD 2023: Fostering Excellence and Transformation at PLMun

September 05, 2023    PLMun Comm

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa (PLMun) proudly presented EDUKALIDAD 2023, its highly-anticipated institutional event, held at the Subic Bay Venetia Hotel in Subic, Zambales from September 2 to 3, 2023. Guided by the theme "Together We Advance Towards Excellence and Transformation," this event served as a convergence point for educators, administrators, and students, fostering collaboration, camaraderie, and a shared quest for knowledge.

The event commenced on September 2 with a day of team-building activities at Dumlao Beach Resort, despite challenging weather conditions. Participants enthusiastically engaged in various team-building exercises and bonding activities. Activities such as "Zumba under the Rain," Tug-of-War, "Longest Line in the Sand," and "Water Relay in the Waves" encouraged teamwork, unity, and camaraderie, irrespective of their academic or administrative backgrounds.

Renowned for his transformative work in education, University President Dr. Raymundo P. Arcega, CESE, delivered a keynote address that emphasized resilience, unity, and quality in the pursuit of excellence. With a wealth of experience in academia and leadership, Dr. Arcega's words deeply resonated with the audience.

Furthermore, esteemed resource speakers including Mr. Kristian Louis Arenas, a Campus Missionary and LIFE Coach from Every Nation Campus (Alabang), and Atty. Gloria V. Bañas, President of the City College of San Fernando and Board Member of ALCU Philippines, shared their expertise on topics such as "Cultural Competence and Diversity Initiatives" and addressing the evolving education landscape during and after the pandemic.

Throughout the seminar, participants were grouped according to their team affiliations, facilitating connections with colleagues from various offices and roles within the institution, strengthening the sense of belonging.

The event culminated with the recognition of outstanding individuals with awards such as:

Mr. & Ms. EDUKALIDAD 2023, Mr. & Ms. Sense of URGENCY, Mr. & Ms. Sense of OWNERSHIP, Mr. & Ms. Sense of PRIDE, Mr. & Ms. Sense of RIGHTEOUSNESS, Mr. & Ms. Culture of EXCELLENCE

Additionally, the winners of the Team Building Activities were acknowledged.

EDUKALIDAD 2023's success has paved the way for future collaborations within the PLMun community. It served as a platform for restoring relationships, bridging gaps, and generating positive outcomes, as participants collectively committed to a shared purpose and the belief that they can achieve excellence and transformation when working together.

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