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Graduate Studies (GS)

PLMun Graduate Studies (GS)

Graduate Studies (GS)

Dr. Remedios R. Cunanan

Dean, College of Graduate Studies


The PLMun Graduate School believes that Education is an instrument of change through leadership development toward the development of people in their respective communities. Likewise, it adheres to the University Commitment for quality professional training with premium value for total human development.


The PLMun Graduate School is committed to total human development and people empowerment to:

  1. Manifest strong intellectual competence and moral integrity
  2. Gain advance knowledge through critical and creative thinking in research and innovative programs in school offices and community
  3. Commit to professionalism and authentic human development for nation building.
Master in Business Administration
Master in Information Technology
Master of Arts in Education, Major in Educational Management
Master of Security and Correctional Administration
Master of Arts in Education, Major in Guidance and Counseling Master of Science in Criminology

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