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Announcement on Unauthorized Collections and Business Transactions

April 05, 2023    PLMun Comm


On Unauthorized Collections and Business Transaction

Please be informed that the sale of books, uniforms, college shirts, organizational shirts, ID lace, school supplies, and other merchandising needs of students are all centralized and should be coordinated in the University Business Center. Any business transactions made on the campus other than the Business Center and Finance Office are unauthorized and have no save of authority from the management.

Likewise, the organizations and colleges have no authority to collect for a claim of a school project unless these are aligned to the curriculum APPROVED AND AUTHORIZED by the management. The approval of collections if any, shall be posted on the transparency board for your reference.

Please report to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and/or Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance any unauthorized business transactions and collections being made by any of the members of the community so the same can be dealt with accordingly.

Anticipating your full cooperation in our desire to uphold our promise for relevant and inclusive education.


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