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3rd Management Committee Meeting of PLMun-OsMun College of Medicine

February 06, 2023    PLMun Comm

The PLMun-OsMun College of Medicine Management Committee led by Dr. Raymundo P. Arcega, CESE, and Dr. Edwin Dimatatac conducted its regular meeting on 06 February 2023, at the University Board Room. Ms. Farrah Jaelene B. Lozano, Director, Center for Corporate Communications and Marketing reported on the Marketing and Promotional Strategies for the PLMun-OsMun College of Medicine, in preparation for the Academic Year 2023-2024. The University Registrar, Dr. Ricky C. Dimaapi also presented updates on the admission and enrollment to the Doctor of Medicine Program. 

The ManCom officials also discussed the following agendas:

A. Follow-Up Updates on College of Medicine Capital Outlay – AVP Untalan

B. College of Medicine Faculty and Revenue

1. Proposed Policy Guidelines on Faculty Ranking System for College of Medicine – Ms. Emily Acero

2. Sources of Salary of College of Medicine Faculty 3. Distribution of College of Medicine Income/ Revenue

C. Proposed Anatomy and Dissecting Cadaver Program with Korean Partners and Memorandum of Agreement – Dr. Lopez

D. Concerns in College of Medicine Classrooms and Classes – VP Dimatatac/ Dean Dr. Calaquian

E. PLMun-OSMUN College of Medicine ManCom Resolution Approving the Proposed Tuition Fee Schedule for Doctor of Medicine Program

F. Follow-up Updates on College Nursing – Mr. Catanyag and Dean de Lima

1. Appointment of Mr. Hussein Catanyag as Interim Dean of the College of Nursing

2. Nature of Appointment of CON Faculty

3. Site Plan for the College of Nursing

G. Follow-up on the Status of Online Grading System for College of Medicine – AVP Anuevo/ Dir. Dimaapi 

- Center for Corporate Communications and Marketing

(Photos captured by Mr. Exekiel Mariñas)

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