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College of Graduate Studies Enrollment for 2nd Semester, AY 2022-2023

November 28, 2022    PLMun Comm

The College of Graduate Studies is now accepting enrollees for the Second Semester of AY 2022-2023!

New students/enrollees who are interested to enroll in Master's Degree Programs for the Second Semester of AY 2022-2023 are invited to visit the College of the Graduate Studies for the one-stop-shop enrollment procedure:

1. Admission Examination

2. Interview

3. Enrollment

Interested students may view the Curriculum Checklist, Class Schedules, Fees, and Mode of Payment at the Graduate Studies.

Office hours: Monday to Saturday, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Program Offerings:

- Master of Arts in Education Major in Educational Management

- Master of Arts in Education Major in Guidance & Counseling

- Master in Business Administration

- Master in Information Technology

- Master of Science in Criminal Justice with a Specialization in Criminology

- Master in Security and Correctional Administration

Admission Requirements:

1. Original and Photocopy of TOR

2. Two copies of the Birth Certificate (PSA authenticated)

3. Original Certificate of Employment

4. Recommendation letter from the immediate supervisor of the current employment

5. Photocopy of Marriage Certificate (if married)

6. Two copies of the recent 2x2 ID photo

7. Documents must be enclosed in a long brown envelope with the applicant's complete name and course to be enrolled

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