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Magisterial Lecture Breakout Session

April 19, 2022    PLMun Comm

The first-ever PLMun Magisterial Lecture 2022, with the theme, "Transforming the Education Workforce: Learning Teams for a Learning Generation" highlighted the short talks and discussions of selected and notable faculty members from all PLMun Colleges during the breakout session.

The Magisterial Lecture showcased the teaching strategies, methodologies, and expertise of the faculty members.This event directly compliments one of PLMun’s Core Values, the Culture of Excellence, as it promotes the constant improvement and transformation of the curriculum.

A total of 116out of 162 faculty members accepted the challenge and were assigned to 18 classrooms for the breakout session. These faculty members successively presented their short talks/lectures on their field of expertise. A supervising ManCom Official observed the discussions, while the faculty members in the classrooms also did a peer evaluation. The top 10 Faculty members who will get the highest scores/grades will compete for another round of Magisterial Lecture in May 2022 during the celebration of PLMun's 31st Founding Anniversary.

The University President, Dr. Raymundo P. Arcega, CESE, also observed some of the lectures and shared his impressions of the discussions.The Magisterial Lecture served as the perfect venue to show the best practices and methodologies of the faculty members, as well as to address areas for improvement. 

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